Wood Enterprise Coalition

When British Columbia became part of Canada in 1871, its economic foundation was firmly rooted in the forest sector. Likewise, the wood and building culture of the era left us a wood legacy that stands today in many of the historic parts of our towns and cities. While that may have waned in the early part of the 20th century, it has re-emerged.


Now, BC has gained recognition for its burgeoning wood culture, exceptional building designs, and world-class design expertise.  As this acceptance and excellence in wood design grew, so did the sophistication of those demanding wood in their structures.  Whether for its green attributes, aesthetics, structural efficiency, or cost benefits, clients once again requested that wood be the principal material in many projects.


The Wood Enterprise Coalition (WEC), a partnership of Wood WORKS! BC, FPInnovations, and BC Wood plays a principal role in creating a “Living and Building with Wood” culture in the province of BC.  WEC's mandate is to champion the province’s new Wood First Initiative, supporting the movement of innovative products from the lab to the market and promoting wood education and culture.  Their goal is to increase the value derived from the BC forest resource, encourage the growth of new businesses and lead to a more diverse industry, expand the use of wood in commercial and institutional buildings, and increase the level of sales for BC wood products and building solutions domestically and for export.